"Butterfield Overland Dispatch"
Ellis County, Kansas

GPS: 38-47-17N/099-22-26W

Butterfield Overland Dispatch Marker

     This Butterfield Overland Dispatch marker can be found at the junction of the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road with the Butterfield Overland Dispatch trail, about six miles south of Fort Hays, Kansas. The B.O.D. marker is on the east side of the road about twenty yards to the north of a Wet/Dry Routes Chapter marker that also marks the junction on the west side of the road.

     After General Hancock and Custer burned the Cheyenne/Sioux Indian village on Pawnee Fork, Custer went in search of the Indians that had left the village in a big hurry. After nearly two days of riding they reached the Smoky Hill about thirteen miles west of Downer's Station on the B.O.D., Custer and his men made it there on the 17th of April, 1867.

     Custer found at Downer Station that the Indians had not attacked the station, but at this station the men were frightened and they reported that the three stations to the east had been burned and the men at them were either murdered or driven off.

     The next morning Custer and his men marched to the east and passed White Rock Station which had been abandoned. At Stormy Hollow Station they found the men alive but very frightened. They told Custer that eight hundred Indians had passed to within five hundred yards of the station a couple of days before Custer's arival. Some of the Indians had tried to get into the station but the men at the station held them off.

     Custer after hearing the stories of the men, hurried on and arrived at Lookout Station late that afternoon. At Lookout Station Custer found his first hard evidence of the intensity of the Indian's fury. The men at Big Creek Station, a few miles to the east, had seen the fire from the burning station on the evening of the 15th. This told Custer that the Indians had wasted no time getting to the station as they had left the village on Pawnee Fork on the night of the 14th.

     Near this marker of the B.O.D. Lookout Station was located.

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