"Western Terminus"
Wet/Dry Routes
on the
Santa Fe Trail

GPS: 37-43-38N/099-55-09W

Western Terminus Marker

     This location is the Western Terminus of The Later Dry Route with the Wet Route. It is about one mile east of Fort Dodge, Kansas on the north side of U.S. 400 highway. If you look close at the picture, the different color in the grass coming down off of the hill in the background just over the DAR Marker, these are Santa Fe Trail Ruts.

Western Terminus Marker

     In this picture you can see the new style "Interpretive Markers" used by the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter to better explain the Santa Fe Trail to the visitors to this site.

     Larry and Carolyn Mix of St. John, Kansas provided the funds for both Limestone Post Marker and the New Interpretive Markers at this Santa Fe Trail location.

Western Terminus Marker

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