"Hermann Ruts"
on the
Santa Fe Trail

GPS: 37-58-31N/099-26-32W

Large Santa Fe Trail Ruts Edwards County Kansas
"Hermann Ruts"
Northwest of Kinsley, Kansas

     A giant rut and several smaller ones on the Later Dry Route of the Santa Fe Trail. These ruts are northwest of the town of Kinsley, Kansas. The larger of the ruts served as a trash dump for several generations of the Hermann's. The large rut has now been cleaned up. The rut, 200 yards long and shoulder deep, was cleared and planted with buffalo grass. The cleanup was taken on by Bart Wenstrom, from Kinsley, Kansas Boy Scout Troop 239, who persuaded local contractors and fellow scouts to aid in the removal of the ton's and ton's of trash and junk.

     Bart undertook the project to fulfill requirements for the Eagle Service Award, for Eagle Scout requirements, which is designed to demonstrate the scout's ability in leadership and organization. The rut is on private property owned by Jerome Herrmann, who served as an advisor to the project. He is a member of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail.

     This Eagle Scout project is one of several related to the preservation and interpretation of the Santa Fe Trail that have been completed by Edwards and Pawnee County, Kansas Eagle Scouts.

     Somehow this deep swale and ruts were missed during the 1988 National Park Service Survey. The location is in the southeast quarter of Section 7, Township 24 South, Range 19 West of Edwards County, Kansas.

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