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Ness County, Kansas

The Fort Larned Old Guard
Burned Indian Village

Frank and Leota
Past Owners of the Indian Village Site

Cheyenne/Sioux Indian Village Site

     General Winfield S. Hancock, and Colonel George Armstrong Custer, commander of the newly formed 7th Cavalry, led the 7th on this expedition in the Spring of 1867. The expedition was designed to give the central plains Indians a lesson and to provide a response to the Fetterman Massacre that took place the previous year. Marching out from Fort Larned to the Indian Village on the Pawnee Fork just into present Ness County, Kansas.

     The tall weed patch in the foreground, is the excavated remains of an 1880's era dugout. The dugout was excavated and has been reconstructed at the Santa Fe Trail Center west of Larned, Kansas.

     Today, the site still retains the same beauty and serenity it had in 1867. I believe that if you let your mind wonder just a little, and you listened real close, you could still hear the drums or maybe even the crackling of the fires as Hancock and Custer burned the village to the ground.

     Through the efforts of the Fort Larned Old Guard, we the people who love the old west the most, have the opportunity to preserve it for all future generations!

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