"Marker Plaques"
on the
Limestone Posts

Bronze Marker Plaque

Brass Marker Plate
"Two Types of Marker Plaque's Are Used"

     The two types of marker plaque's the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter places on the limestone post we use to mark the trail are of the "Cast Bronze Type" as in the picture at the top and the "Plain Stamped Brass" at the bottom.
     Why the two marker types, well the "Cast Bronze Markers" are placed at major sites or places that can be seen from the road with ease.
     The "Plain Stamped Brass Markers" is used at locations where the public won't always get to because it is some distance from a road or at a remote location that is hard to get to.
     The "Cast Bronze Markers" are purchased from a local Monument Company, while the "Plain Stamped Brass Markers" are made by a Wet/Dry Routes Chapter Member, Bob Rein.

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