"Point of Rocks"
Ford County, Kansas

on the
Santa Fe Trail

GPS: 37-45-52N/100-07-23W

Point of Rocks Dodge City Kansas
"Point of Rocks Five Miles West
Dodge City, Kansas"

     At least five separate locations on the Santa Fe Trail are called Points of Rocks.

     This photo shows the location of one of the several Point of Rocks on the Santa Fe Trail, it is about three miles west of Dodge City, Kansas, on U.S. 50 highway on the north side of the road. This well known landmark on the Santa Fe Trail was just about destroyed by the highway construction in the year of 1981. The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter has marked this site in cooperation with the Dodge City/Fort Dodge Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail.

     Marker Number 66 in the 1906 DAR survey calls it "High Rock"

     The DAR survey of markers in 1915 states that the marker is on a highpoint of rock near the west county line, a favorite lookout place on the trail.

     In the 1997 marker survey the marker has been moved.
"HIGH ROCK" (Sears, Dodge City/Cowboy Capital)
     DAR Marker Number 66; The Marker was originally about 5 miles west of Dodge City, Kansas at High Rock, the first of four Points of Rock along the Santa Fe Trail, over looking the Trail. Until 1846, Mexico was across the Arkansas, to the east was Fort Atkinson, Fort Mann and The Caches. It was moved to the western edge of Dodge City in 1981 when the "High Rock" was blasted to "smithereens" to make way for road construction on US 50 highway.

     Number two Point of Rocks is found three miles west of Pierceville, Kansas. Near this location in 1867, Sister Mary Alphonsa Thompson died enroute to Santa Fe accompanied by four other nuns and Bishop Jean Lamy.

     Number three Point of Rocks is near Middle Spring eleven miles north of Elkhart, Kansas. Undoubtedly this promontory was a landmark for the wagoneers. However, no trail period literature speaks to its presence.

     Number four perhaps the best known of these landmarks is the Point of Rocks situated about fifty miles west of Clayton, New Mexico. There in 1849, Apaches attacked a little caravan belonging to the James White family. Ann White and her small daughter were captured. During an ill fated rescue attempt by troops from Fort Union, Mrs. White was killed by her captors. The little girl was never heard from again.

     Number five Point of Rocks is near Bent's Old Fort where the Cheyenne/Arapaho Agency was established in 1864.

     There was also a place called Point of Rocks near the Fort Hays Fort Dodge Road northeast of Dodge City, Kansas.

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