"The Caches"
on the
Santa Fe Trail
Ford County, Kansas

GPS: 37-45-41N/100-05-17W

The Caches
"Santa Fe Trail Landmark
The Caches"

     The Caches was a well known landmark and campsite on the Santa Fe Trail west of Dodge City, Kansas where the Baird/Chambers party hid trade goods in underground chambers in the spring of 1823. The nearby house is reputed to have been built atop the Caches. Near the Caches was also the original western terminus of the Wet/Dry Routes of the Santa Fe Trail. The Caches Marker is located about 1.3 miles west of the US 50 By-pass junction west of town and 1/4 north on a dirt road on the west side of the road. On the north side of US 50 at this dirt road sits a Monument that commemorates the Caches a famous Santa Fe Trail Campsite, Fort Mann (1847), Fort Atkinson (1854) all of which are located in the immediate vicinity. The Wet/Dry Routes Marker was placed at this site in cooperation with the Fort Dodge/Dodge City/Cimarron Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail.

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