Portrait Presentation of Personalities
Associated With The Walnut Creek Crossing
on the
Great Santa Fe Road

Exhibited By
Wet/Dry Routes Chapter
Symposium 2005

Half Way To Santa Fe New Mexico

     Long a favorite campsite on the Santa Fe Trail, Walnut Creek crossing became the short-lived home of the Fort Atkinson garrison in 1855. Removed from Fort Atkinson to Walnut Creek at the same time were the U.S. Post Office and the Hockaday Hall mail station. Within months, the troops were transferred to Fort Riley, the post office was discontinued, and the mail station was closed. Two years later, William Allison and Francis Boothe established a trading ranche at the crossing which operated under a series of proprietors through 1868. Also established at the crossing by William Greiffenstein in 1860 was a second ranche which remained open through 1864, the year of Fort Zarah's establishment. The little outpost occupied the crossing until 1869. In the meanwhile, the crossing hosted a number of other enterprises, both government and civilian: post offices, mail stations, an Indian agency, sutler's stores, even a toll bridge. This exhibit is intended to provide a gallery of notables who entered and exited this great panoramic stage from 1853 through 1869.

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Charles Rath

William Greiffenstein

Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curits

Theodore Conkey

Theodore Weichselbaum

William Bent

William Mathewson

Jesse Leavenworth

Joseph Douglass


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