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Volumes 1-10

Naglin, Nancy: VI:4(A92), 3c.

Nambe Pueblo: VIII:3(M94), 13b.

Nampeste (Arkansas River, which see): VIII:4(A94), 18b.

Namura, Emory: IX:3(M95), 26c.

Namura, Tayeko: IX:3(M95), 26c.

Nangle, Joseph: VI:4(A92), 3b.

Nanning, Pat: VIII:3(M94), 11b.

Napoleon, MO: VII:4(A93), 5a.

Napton, W. B., Jr.: book by, reviewed V:4(A91), 24c-25a.

Napton, MO: II:3(M88), 8c.

Nardone, Joe: V:3(M91), 9b-c; VI:2(F92), 27b; VI:3(M92), 7c.

Narváez, Pánfilo: IX:2(F95), 8b.

Narvais, Francisco: VIII:3(M94), 11b.

National American Indian Heritage Month: V:4(A91), 9c.

National Archives and Records Service, Washington, DC: II:3(M88), 9b; IV:3(M90), 2a, 20a; VII:1(N92), 23b; VII:3 (M93), 10b.

National Assembly of the Order of Indian Wars: IV:4(A90), 18a.

National Association of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce: III:3 (M89), 15c.

National Audubon Society: III:2(F89), 5b.

National Frontier Trails Center (Independence MO): III:3(M89), 2c; III:4(A89), 4b; IV:2(F90), 5a; IV:3(M90), 2a, 18b-c; IV:4(A90), 9c, 17b; V:1(N90), 4b-c; V:2(F91), 3c, 10b-c, 11a; V:3(M91), 9c; V:4(A91), 23c; IV:2(F90), 1a; IV:3(M90), 1c-2; IV:4(A90), 1b; V:2(F91), 10b; VI:2(F92), 4c, 5a; VII:2(F93), 11a, 16a; VIII:1(N93), 5c; VIII:2(F94), 19a; VIII:3(M94), 3b-c; IX:1 (N94), 3b, 9b; IX:2(F95), 22b, 26a-27b; IX:3(M95), 2b, 21b; IX:4(A95), 20b, 30c-31a; X:1(N95), 3a, 21a-b; X:2(F96), 7c, 23a, 26a; X:3(M96), 4c, 11a; X:4(A96), 12, 28b, 30a-b; article about, I:3(M87), 1b; III:3(M89), 2b-c; IV:1(N89), 5b; IX:2(F95), 1b-c, 4a; see also Three Trails Center Interpretive Center.

National Geographic: II:1(N87), 7c; IV:2(F90), 14b-c, IV:3(M90), 8a; IV:4(A90), 3b, 4b; V:1(N90), 4c, 9c; V:3(M91), 9b, 10a, 13c; VI:1(N91), 5c, 21a.

National Geographic Society: IV:3(M90), 8a.

National Historic Landmark: IV:2(F90), 16b; IV:3(M90), 13b; IV:4 (A90), 16b; V:3(M91), 22b; V:4(A91), 1c; VII:1(N92), 21a; IX:3 (M95), 25a; X:3(M96), 7a.

National Historic Trails System: I:1(N86), 1c; I:2(F87), 3a; I:3 (M87), 1a; I:4(A87), 1c; II:1(N87), 3a; II:3(M88), 1a, 5b; II:4 (A88), 2b; III:1(N88), 1a, 15b; V:3(M91), 3a, 9b-c; VII:1 (N92), 11b; VIII:2(F94), 18c; IX:1(N94), 9c; IX:3(M95), 21c, 22a-b; IX:4(A95), 31a.

National Intelligencer (Washington D C): IX:1(N94), 8c.

National Lamb and Wool Grower: X:3(M96), 25a.

National Library Week: III:4(A89), 5b.

National Old Trails Road: VI:1(N91), 7c; VI:2(F92), 4b-c; VIII:4(A94), 6a; IX:1(N94), 10b-c; IX:3(M95), 6b-c; X:2(F96), 18b; article about, VI:3(M92), 3.

National Old Trails Road Association: II:1(N87), 4a; II:4(A88), 2c, 3a; III:1(N88), 7b; III:3(M89), 2b; V:2(F91), 9b; V:3(M91), 7c; VIII:4(A94), 5c, 6a; IX:1(N94), 10b-c; IX:3(M95), 6a, c; IX:4 (A95), 11b-c; X:1(N95), 5a.

The National Old Trails Road, the Great Historic Highway of America by Joseph M. Lowe: III:1(N88), 7b.

National Park Service: I:2(F87), 2b-c; I:4(A87), 4b, 10b; II:1(N87), 1a, c, 2b, 3a; II:2(F88), 1a, 2a-b, 3c, 5c, 12b-c; II:3(M88), 1a, 2a, 3a, 6a, c, 7a, 12b; II:4(A88), 3a, 4a, 5a, 8b-c; III:1(N88), 1, 2a, 9a, 12b-c, 16b-c; III:2(F89), 1a-b, 2a-b, 3a, 5a, 12a; III:3 (M89), 3a, 9b, 13b, 15a, 16a; III:4(A89), 1b-c, 2b-c, 5a, c; IV:1(N89), 8a, 12a-b, 20a; IV:2(F90), 4a, 7b; IV:3(M90), 4b, 19b-c; IV:4(A90), 7c, 13c, 16c-17a, 18a; V:1(N90), 1a, 2b-c, 4b, 9c; V:2(F91), 5a-b, 12a; V:3(M91), 3, 21, 22b; V:4(A91), 1c, 4b; VI:1(N91), 2a, 6c, 20a, 24a; VI:2(F92), 1b, 2a, 4c-5a, 9a, 15b-c, 16a, 18b; VI:3(M92), 1b, 6, 7c, 22a; VI:4(A92), 1c, 3b, 13c, 14a, 15a, 16a; VII:1(N92), 2a, 6b, 11b, 21a; VII:2 (F93), 1c, 2b, 4b, 11a, 16b-c, 17a, c; VII:3(M93), 22c; VII:4 (A93), 4c, 7a, 10c, 16a-b, 20b-c, 21a, 24c, 25a, c; VIII:2(F94), 21c, 23a; VIII:3(M94), 3a, 4a, 18a; VIII:4(A94), 3a, 7c, 9a, c, 20c, 22c; IX:1(N94), 2, 9c; IX:2(F95), 24b-c; IX:3(M95), 1c, 2a-b, 21c, 22, 24c, 25a; IX:4(A95), 2a, 20a; X:1(N95), 2b, 21a, 24c, 25b; X:2(F96), 4b, 22c; X:3(M96), 3a, 4a, c, 5a, 7b, 24a, 25a, c; X:4(A96), 2a-b, 3b-c, 24a, 26a.

National Park Service Gold Awards: IX:4(A95), 2a.

National Register of Historic Landmarks: V:1(N90), 7b.

National Register of Historic Places: I:2(F87), 3b; I:3(M87), 4a; III:1(N88), 7a; III:4(A89), 10b; V:4(A91), 4b; VI:1(N91), 5c; VII:1(N92), 9c; IX:1(N94), 9c; IX:3(M95), 3a; IX:4(A95), 3a; IX:4(A95), 11c, 12b; X:4(A96), 24b.

National Register of Historic Sites: IV:4(A90), 17a.

National Rifle Association: I:3(M87), 3a; II:2(F88), 4a-b; VI:2 (F92), 1c, 3a, 17c, 18a, VII:2(F93), 16b.

National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference: VIII:4(A94), 9c.

National Scenic Trail System: III:1(N88), 1a; VII:1(N92), 3c; IX:4(A95), 31a.

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution: II:4(A88), 2c; X:3(M96), 4b-c; see also
Daughters of the American Revolution.

National Statuary Hall of the U. S. Capitol: II:2(F88), 5a.

National Three Trails Interpretive Center (Independence MO): III:1(N88), 9a, 15a; III:2(F89), 2c; see also
Three Trails Center and National Frontier Trails Center.

The National Tombstone Epitaph: V:2(F91), 10c.

National Trails Conference: (Hartland WI), article about, III:1 (N88), 1a, 13b-c; (Anchorage AK), VIII:4(A94), 9b.

National Trails Day Update: IX:2(F95), 22b-c.

National Trails Day: VI:3(M92), 3c; VII:1(N92), 11b; VII:2(F93), 3c; VII:3(M93), 21b; VIII:1(N93), 17c; VIII:2(F94), 20b; VIII:3 (M94), 6c; IX:1(N94), 10a; IX:2(F95), 22b-c; IX:3(M95), 22a, 26a; X:3(M96), 1a.

National Trails System: II:4(A88), 3a; III:1(N88), 1a, 13b; III:2 (F89), 2a; IV:1(N89), 20a; V:3(M91), 21b; VI:2(F92), 5a; VI:3 (M92), 3c; VII:1(N92), 11b; VIII:3(M94), 4b; VIII:4(A94), 9c.

National Trails System Map and Guide (NPS): VI:4(A92), 13c-14a.

National Tribune (Washington DC): VI:4(A92), 11b.

National Trust for Historic Preservation: I:2(F87), 3b; III:2(F89), 5a; III:4(A89), 4c; IV:1(N89), 5c; IV:2(F90), 2b; IV:3(M90), 4a; VII:1(N92), 9c; X:4(A96), 24b; article about, VI:4(A92), 9c.

Native Sons of Kansas City: II:1(N87), 2c.

Nature Conservancy: III:1(N88), 1a.

Navajo Indians: II:4(A88), 5a; V:1(N90), 13b; VII:1(N92), 1b; VIII:4(A94), 13b, 16a; IX:1(N94), 18c; X:2(F96), 19b.

Navajo Trail: II:4(A88), 8a.

Navarro, Juan: VIII:3(M94), 11b.

Navrot, Vi: X:2(F96), 25a.

Navy (Indian): VII:1(N92), 13c.

Navy Times: VI:4(A92), 13b.

Near, Carol Good: VII:1(N92), 22b; IX:1(N94), 16a; IX:2(F95), 25a; X:3(M96), 28c, 29a; letter by, VI:4(A92), 19b; IX:1(N94), 23b-c.

Neavoll, George: II:4(A88), 2b; III:4(A89), 3c; IV:2(F90), 1b; V:2 (F91), 11a.

Neavoll, Laney: II:4(A88), 2b.

Nebraska City, NE: V:4(A91), 9b; IX:4(A95), 21a; X:2(F96), 8c.

Neer, Julia: V:3(M91), 8c.

Neer, Lige: V:3(M91), 8c-9a.

Neihardt, John: IV:2(F90), 12a-b, 14a.

Nelson, ___, (Mr. and Mrs.): IX:4(A95), 26b.

Nelson, Anders: VII:4(A93), 14c.

Nelson, Nels C.: X:4(A96), 25b.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City MO): III:2(F89), 14b; III:3(M89), 11a.

Neosho, MO: II:1(N87), 5a.

Neosho County, KS: IX:4(A95), 21a.

Neosho River (KS): III:4(A89), 9a, c; VII:1(N92), 7a; VII:3(M93), 17c; VII:4(A93), 15c; VIII:1(N93), 8; VIII:2(F94), 25b; X:4 (A96), 5c.

Neosho River Crossing: II:1(N87), 10a; II:2(F88), 5c; VI:4(A92), 13c; IX:1(N94), 11a; IX:3(M95), 2b, 11c.

Neosho River Crossing Pageant (Council Grove KS): VI:2(F92), 15b.

Nesbitt, Millie: IV:4(A90), 3a; V:3(M91), 10a.

Ness County, KS: III:3(M89), 3c.

Nettleton, Frank: X:4(A96), 7, 8, 9a, c.

New Colorado and the Santa Fe Trail by A. A. Hayes: I:2(F87), 5c; VI:4(A92), 17a.

New England Emigrant Aid Society: IX:4(A95), 7c.

New Era (El Moro CO): IX:1(N94), 7a.

New Franklin, MO: I:3(M87), 1b, 2b; I:4(A87), 1b; II:1(N87), 7c; III:1(N88), 1c, 16; III:3(M89), 3a, 5b-c; IV:1(N89), 5a, 13b; V:2(F91), 9b; V:4(A91), 1b, 3c; VI:1(N91), 1b; VII:2(F93), 10a, 11a; VII:3(M93), 15b-c, 16b.

New Franklin Area Businessmen's Association: III:4(A89), 5b; V:4(A91), 1b.

New Madrid Grant: III:3(M89), 10b; V:3(M91), 8a.

New Mexico Book League: II:3(M88), 2b.

New Mexico Cavalry Volunteers, First Regiment: VI:3(M92), 17c.

New Mexico DAR: IX:3(M95), 1a, 16b.

New Mexico DAR Markers: I:4(A87), 4a; III:1(N88), 3c, 12a; VI:4 (A92), 14c; VII:4(A93), 1b-c, 2b, 21c; VIII:2(F94), 22a; X:3 (M96), 4b; article about, VII:2(F93), 10-11a; IX:3(M95), 1a, 16b-21b.

New Mexico Department of Tourism: see New Mexico Tourism & Travel Division.

New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities: II:2(F88), 7a; V:1 (N90), 1b; VII:2(F93), 4b; VIII:4(A94), 9c; X:3(M96), 24b; X:4 (A96), 27b.

New Mexico Genealogical Society Archives: see Albuquerque Special Collections Library.

New Mexico Genealogical Society: IX:4(A95), 20c.

New Mexico Geographical Society: IX:4(A95), 28b.

New Mexico Government and Politics by Maurilio E. Vigil, Michael Olsen, and Roy Lujan: X:2(F96), 17a.

New Mexico Governor's Conference on Tourism: IV:2(F90), 14c.

New Mexico Highlands University (Las Vegas NM): IV:1(N89), 4a; IV:4(A90), 18b; V:1(N90), 1b; VII:3(M93), 4a; VII:4(A93), 5b; VIII:3(M94), 4b; IX:4(A95), 9b; X:1(N95), 4b, 5a, c; X:2(F96), 4c; 17a.

New Mexico Historical Preservation Week: VI:1(N91), 20a.

New Mexico Historical Review: II:2(F88), 7c; III:2(F89), 4c; VI:4 (A92), 16c, 17b; VII:4(A93), 16a; VIII:4(A94), 17b-c, 19.

New Mexico Infantry Volunteers: VI:2(F92), 20a; VI:3(M92), 17c; First Regiment: IX:3(M95), 18c.

New Mexico Magazine: III:3(M89), 15c; III:4(A89), 4a, 8c; IV:4 (A(90), 17c; VI:3(M92), 11c; VII:2(F93), 16a-b; VIII:2(F94), 19a-b; VIII:3(M94), 15c; VIII:4(A94), 6c, 9b; IX:2(F95), 22c; IX:3(M95), 19a; IX:4(A95), 29a; X:1(N95), 21c; X:2(F96), 22b.

New Mexico Militia: VI:2(F92), 19c.

New Mexico Mounted Volunteers: VI:2(F92), 22b.

New Mexico Place Names by T. M. Pearce: VII:3(M93), 1b, 6a; X:3(M96), 25c.

New Mexico State Highway Department: II:3(M88), 1a; III:1 (N88), 3c; IX:3(M95), 1a.

New Mexico State Historic Preservation Program: V:3(M91), 21c; V:4(A91), 4b.

New Mexico State Records Center and Archives (Santa Fe NM): VII:1(N92), 19c; VII:4(A93), 3b-c.

New Mexico Tourism & Travel Division: IV:1(N89), 9a; V:2(F91), 11b; V:3(M91), 21a; VI:3(M92), 2b; VI:4(A92), 13c; VII:1 (N92), 3b; VII:2(F93), 16c; IX:2(F95), 3c; IX:4(A95), 9b; X:1 (N95), 20c; X:2(F96), 25b; X:3(M96), 25a, 27a-b, 28a.

New Mexico Town Company: X:1(N95), 6b.

New Mexico Trivia by Mike McDonald: III:2(F89), 14a.

New Mexico Vacation Guide: VII:2(F93), 16c; IX:2(F95), 22c-23a.

New Mexico Volunteers: IV:3(M90), 8a, 20a; V:2(F91), 14a; VI:1 (N91), 7b; VI:2(F92), 6c, 7a; VI:4(A92), 7b; VIII:1(N93), 26c; VIII:4(A94), 10c; X:1(N95), 7a; X:2(F96), 19c; article about, V:1(N90), 19a-b.

New Mexico's Buffalo Soldiers, 1866-1900 by Monroe Lee Bill-ington: reviewed, V:4(A91), 25a.

New Mexico's Royal Road: Trade and Travel on the Chihuahua Trail by Max L. Moorhead: IV:3(M90), 7a; VII:1(N92), 15b; reviewed, IX:3(M95), 23c-24a.

New Orleans, LA: VII:3(M93), 11c; VIII:1(N93), 14b.

New Orleans Daily Picayune: VII:4(A93), 17c.

New Republic: IX:2(F95), 9a.

New Santa Fe, MO: VIII:1(N93), 10b; IX:1(N94), 10a.

New Santa Fe Cemetery, MO: IX:1(N94), 10a.

New Santa Fe Trail: VIII:1(N93), 17a-b; VIII:2 (F94), 19a.

New York, NY: X:1(N95), 8c, 9c.

New York Times: I:3(M87), 1c; V:1(N90), 4c; IX:1(N94), 21c; IX:2(F95), 8c, 9c.

New York Tribune: X:1(N95), 18a.

New York World: IX:2(F95), 8c.

Newby, Edward W. B.: IV:2(F90), 18b; V:3(M91), 6b; VI:2 (F92), 19a-b; VIII:1(N93), 10c; X:4(A96), 11b.

Newcomb, Graham: IX:2(F95), 6a-b.

Newell, Brenda: V:1(N90), 8c; V:4(A91), 23a.

Newman, ___, (Corporal): VI:4(A92), 11a.

News from the Plains: I:4(A87), 4b; II:2(F88), 5a; V:1(N90), 9c; IX:1(N94), 8a; X:4(A96), 24b.

Newsletter (Friends of the National Frontier Trails Center): V:2(F91), 10b; IX:2(F95), 22b; see also The Trail Scout.

Newspaper Monuments: article about, V:4(A91), 3c-4a.

Newspapers: V:4(A91), 3c-4a; VI:1(N91), 1c; VII:3(M93), 14b; IX:1(N94), 7a, 23a; article about, VI:2(F92), 3c-4a.

Nicholass, Julia Gray: see Heagerty, Julia Gray Nicolass.

Nicholls, Francis Tillon: VIII:1(N93), 19a, 23c.

Nichols, Arline B.: see Moss, John Trigg, Mrs.

Nichols, William A.: X:4(A96), 23b.

Nickles, Don: V:4(A91), 9c.

Niebruegge, Herbert: V:3(M91), 3c; VII:3(M93), 4a; VIII:4(A94), 3c, 9b.

Niederman, Sharon: X:1(N95), 21c; book by, reviewed III:2(F89), 13b.

Nielson, John: IV:4(A90), 4a.

Niles' National Register: IV:3(M90), 21a; IV:4(A90), 2a.

Niles-Beattie, Anita: book by, reviewed X:2(F96), 9c.

Nine Mile Creek (KS): VIII:1(N93), 11a-b.

Nine Mile Ridge: II:2(F88), 8b, 9c.

Ninnescah River: V:3(M91), 14b.

Ninth Cavalry: see U. S. Ninth Cavalry.

No Life for a Lady by Agnes Morley Cleaveland: V:2(F91), 20a.

No Man's Land Museum (Goodwell OK): II:1(N87), 15c.

Noble, David Grant: book edited by, reviewed IV:1(N89), 15a.

Nolan, Fernando: VII:4(A93), 14c.

Nolan, NM: VI:2(F92), 6a.

Noland, ___, (Merchant): V:3(M91), 24a.

Noland, Smallwood V.: IX:4(A95), 5c.

Nolland's Inn: VII:1(N92), 4c.

Nolly, Charles F.: IX:3(M95), 19b.

Noonan, Charles (Chuck): II:4(A88), 6a; III:3(M89), 9a; IV:3(M90), 4a-b; IV:4(A90), 17a; V:4(A91), 23a; VIII:4(A94), 4c; X:2 (F96), 24c; X:3(M96), 27a.

Noonan, Joyce: II:4(A88), 6a; III:3(M89), 9a; IV:3(M90), 4a-b; IV:4 (A90), 17a; V:1(N90), 8c; VIII:4(A94), 4c.

Noriega, María de la Luz Garcia de: X:1(N95), 7a.

Norman, Claudette: book review by VIII:1(N93), 7c; IX:3(M95), 23b-c.

Norman, Joseph: VIII:3(M94), 11b.

Norris, James: X:2(F96), 11a.

Northeast Kansas Pioneer Champion (Baldwin City KS): VIII:4 (A94), 9c.

Norton, Charlie: X:2(F96), 6c.

Norton, Glen D.: III:4(A89), 12b.

Not a Stoplight in the County by Norma Gene Young: VI:3 (M92), 2b; reviewed, I:3(M87), 5b-c.

Notes of a Military Reconnaissance by William H. Emory: VII:3(M93), 21c.

Notre Dame University: X:1(N95), 9a, 10b.

Nuanes, Pablo: VIII:3(M94), 11b.

Nunn, G.: VI:1(N91), 14b-c.

Nun's Grave: see Sister Alphonsa Thompson.

Nusbaum, Simon: VIII:3(M94), 11b.

Nuttall, Thomas: VIII:1(N93), 15b-c, 17a.

Nye, Nathan: X:1(N95), 12b, 13, 15c, 16c, 17a, 18b.
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