"Wagon Tracks Index"
Volumes 1-10

Ta Too: VII:1(N92), 12c-13a.

Table of Distances: see Mileage Table.

Tabo Creek: I:4(A87), 4c; IV:4(A90), 18a; V:4(A91), 6a, 7c; VI:3 (M92), 7a; VII:4(A93), 4b-c; article about, V:3(M91), 8-9a; VIII:1(N93), 14c; VIII:3(M94), 1b-c.

Tafoya, Juan: VI:2(F92), 23b.

Tails Up! by Ray R. Kepley: reviewed, IV:2(F90), 7a-b.

Take Pride in America National Awards Program: VI:4(A92), 4b.

Talfara, ___: VIII:4(A94), 13c.

Tamaz, Padre: X:3(M96), 13b.

Tamme, Charles: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Tampa, KS: II:4(A88), 6c; III:4(A89), 6a; IV:4(A90), 4c, X:4(A96), 7c.

Tancoa (KS): III:1(N88), 4a.

Taos, NM: II:1(N87), 6b, 6c; II:2(F88), 8a; II:3(M88), 6a; II:4 (A88), 8b; III:3(M89), 10a-b; III:4(A89), 8b-c, 11c-12a; IV:2 (F90), 3a; V:2(F91), 12c, 13c, 15c; V:3(M91), 15c; VI:2(F92), 16b; VI:4(A92), 5c, 6a, 8c; VII:1(N92), 3a, 7c, 8a, 16a, 17b-c, 18a; VII:2(F93), 20c; VII:4(A93), 11c; see also Post of Taos.

Taos Cemetery: V:3(M91), 4c; V:4(A91), 24a; VII:1(N92), 9a.

Taos County (NM): IV:4(A90), 19b; VII:4(A93), 11b.

Taos Mountains: VII:1(N92), 18c.

Taos Mounted Volunteers: VI:2(F92), 19c, 20c.

Taos Trail: III:3(M89), 4a.

The Taos Trappers by David J. Weber: V:3(M91), 16b.

Taos Uprising (1847): VII:1(N92), 7c; IX:1(N94), 19a.

Tapia, José Crestino: VII:4(A93), 11c.

Tappan, Herb: III:2(F89), 14c.

Tappan, J. E.: VI:1(N91), 10a.

Tappan, John E.: VI:1(N91), 10a; VII:3(M93), 3c.

Tappan & Weichselbaum: VI:1(N91), 10a.

Taraba, Louise: book by, reviewed, II:1(N87), 11b.

Tarabino, John: I:1(N86), 2a; I:3(M87), 2a; I:4(A87), 1b, 2a-b; II:1 (N87), 2a-b; II:2(F88), 3a, 4b; III:4(A89), 3b; IV:1(N89), 1a; IV:2(F90), 2c; IV:3(M90), 4c; V:2(F91), 3a-b; V:3(M91), 23a; VI:1(N91), 2b; VI:2(F92), 2c, 3a; VII:3(M93), 22b; VII:4(A93), 2a; VIII:1(N93), 2a.

Tarufelli, Pete: X:4(A96), 4b.

Tate, Curtis: VIII:1(N93), 5a-b.

Tatham, Michael: IV:3(M90), 19b; V:1(N90), 9b; V:3(M91), 23c; V:4(A91), 23b.

Tax: see Trade Duty.

Taylor, Celesta: V:3(M91), 1b-c.

Taylor, David W.: IV:1(N89), 13b.

Taylor, Doss & Owen (Trinidad CO): IX:2(F95), 11c, 12a, c.

Taylor, E. P.: IX:2(F95), 24b.

Taylor, Henry: IX:4(A95), 25a.

Taylor, Ira D.: book by, reviewed, V:1(N90), 19c-20a.

Taylor, Jesse: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Taylor, Joe: III:4(A89), 6b.

Taylor, John: VII:4(A93), 14c.

Taylor, John McLellan: book by, reviewed, X:1(N95), 21c-22a.

Taylor, M. E., Mrs.: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Taylor, Michael: X:4(A96), 27b.

Taylor, Mike: IX:2(F95), 24b.

Taylor, Morris: I:1(N86), 1a; II:2(F88), 11c; III:4(A89), 1c; IV:4 (A90), 14a.

Taylor, Sarah (Aunt Sallie): II:1(N87), 11a.

Taylor, Z.: IX:1(N94), 7b.

Taylor, Zachary: I:4(A87), 8a; V:2(F91), 25b; VIII:2(F94), 8b.

Teague, Rolfe: book by, reviewed, II:1(N87), 11b.

Tecolote, NM: I:4(A87), 10a; III:3(M89), 6a; IV:1(N89), 4b; V:3(M91), 9c; VI:3(M92), 20a; VII:1(N92), 23b; VII:4(A93), 14c, 15a, 21c; VIII:4(A94), 23c; X:2(F96), 17c, 18b; X:4(A96), 20b.

Tecovas Springs (TX): VIII:3(M94), 17b; VIII:4(A94), 21a.

Tecumseh, KS: VIII:4(A94), 14a.

Tedstone, Tom: IX:4(A95), 12a.

Ten Eyck, Nettie Miller: VI:2(F92), 8c.

Tenth Cavalry: see U. S. Tenth Cavalry.

Terrill, J. William: IX:4(A95), 7c, 8a.

Territorial: VII:4(A93), 6c.

Terwilliger, William Riley: IX:4(A95), 9a-b.

Terwilligers, ___: IX:4(A95), 12a.

Testinger, Stephanie: VII:1(N92), 5a.

Tesuque Indians: VIII:2(F94), 7a; article about, VIII:3(M94), 13-15b; see also Pueblo Indians.

Texans: raids in 1843, VII:2(F93), 13c.

Texas DAR Markers: VIII:3(M94), 6b.

Texas Fever: VII:3(M93), 18c.

Texas Panhandle Chapter: II:3(M88), 5a; II:4(A88), 1c; IV:3(M90), 11c, 21c; VIII:1(N93), 6c; VIII:2(F94), 20a; IX:4(A95), 19c; chapter report, II:4(A88), 7b; III:1(N88), 8b; III:3(M89), 8c; IV:3(M90), 22a; V:1(N90), 8a-b; V:3(M91), 22a-b; VII:4(A93), 21a-b; VIII:1(N93), 24b-c; VIII:2(F94), 21a; VIII:3(M94), 17b-c; VIII:4(A94), 21a-b; IX:1(N94), 14a-b; IX:2(F95), 24b; IX:3 (M95), 25a; IX:4(A95), 29a-b; X:1(N95), 25a; X:2(F96), 13b-c; X:3(M96), 26c-27a.

The Texas Panhandle Frontier by Frederick W. Rathjen: VIII:4(A94), 21a.

Texas Volunteers: I:2(F87), 4a-b; IV:3(M90), 5b-c; V:1(N90), 12a-b; VI:4(A92), 16b, 17; VII:1(N92), 6b-c.

Texas-Santa Fe Expedition: IV:1(N89), 12c; article about, IV:1 (N89), 15b-16; VII:4(A93), 18a.

Texier, Louis: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Tharp, ___, (Mr.): VI:2(F92), 19a.

Tharp, James: VI:2(F92), 19b.

Tharp, Joseph: VIII:1(N93), 14a-b.

Tharp, Mary: VI:2(F92), 19b.

Thatcher Bros. & Co. (Trinidad CO): II:2(F88), 10c.

Thaxton, John Q., Rest Area: IX:3(M95), 16b.

Theier, Joyce: X:2(F96), 7a; X:4(A96), 26b.

Thirst: II:1(N87), 5c; VII:2(F93), 9c; IX:2(F95), 18a, c; IX:3(M95), 7c; IX:4(A95), 13c; X:2(F96), 12a.

Thirty-Three Bar Ranch (CO): X:4(A96), 29c, 30a.

Thomas, ___: IX:4(A95), 28c.

Thomas, Anita Gonzales: book by, reviewed, IV:1(N89), 15a.

Thomas, Bob: II:3(M88), 3b.

Thomas, Dick: VIII:1(N93), 19b.

Thomas, Esther Bradley: VI:2(F92), 8b.

Thomas, James: IV:1(N89), 7a.

Thomas, William: VIII:1(N93), 27b.

Thomason, Tom: III:3(M89), 1c, 17b-c, 18a.

Thompson, ___, (Captain): VII:1(N92), 23b.

Thompson, ___, (Doctor): IX:1(N94), 7c.

Thompson, Alice Anne: VII:4(A93), 16b; letter by, X:3(M96), 10a-b.

Thompson, David D., Jr.: II:1(N87), 4a.

Thompson, Fannie Geiger: V:2(F91), 8a; V:4(A91), 14c; VII:2(F93), 9a.

Thompson, George F.: book by, reviewed, IX:4(A95), 28b.

Thompson, J. J.: IX:1(N94), 7b.

Thompson, Jerry: X:4(A96), 25a.

Thompson, Phillip: V:2(F91), 8b; IX:1(N94), 18a.

Thompson, Phillip Roots: V:4(A91), 19c; VI:1(N91), 16c.

Thompson, Sister Mary Alphonso: see Sister Mary Alphonso Thompson.

Thompson Sisters: X:3(M96), 10b.

Thomson, Matt: III:1(N88), 13c-14a; V:4(A91), 25b-26; VI:4 (A92), 1a.

Thore, Padre: X:3(M96), 13b.

Thornton, W. T.: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Thorp, Lewis: II:1(N87), 10b.

399 Kansas Characters by Dave Webb: VII:1(N92), 11c; VII:2 (F93), 18b; reviewed, VII:2(F93), 8a-b.

Three Mile Creek (KS): VIII:1(N93), 10c.

Three Roads to Chihuahua, The Great Wagon Roads That Opened the Southwest, 1823-1883 by Roy L. Swift and Leavitt Corning, Jr.: reviewed, III:2(F89), 13b-c.

Three Trails Center (Independence MO): III:1(N88), 1c; III:2 (F89), 2c; see also National Frontier Trails Museum and National Three Trails Interpretive Center.

Through the Country of the Comanche Indians in the Fall of the Year 1845 edited by John Galvin: X:4(A96), 11c.

The Thundering Herd by Zane Gray: V:4(A91), 17b.

Thurman, Melburn D.: VI:4(A92), 4a.

Tibeau: III:1(N88), 4c.

Tierney, Gail: X:1(N95), 27b-c.

Tierra Dulce: Reminiscences from the Jesse Nusbaum Papers: IX:4(A95), 11a.

Tigges, Linda: III:4(A89), 4c; VI:3(M92), 2b; VI:4(A92), 19a.

Tilghman, Bill: IV:3(M90), 12a.

Tiller & Toiler (Larned KS): VIII:1(N93), 17a.

Tilly, Tony: IX:3(M95), 22c.

Tilly, Tony, Mrs.: IX:3(M95), 22c.

Timpas, CO: VII:4(A93), 5b.

Timpas (U. S. Forest Service Recreation Site): VI:3(M92), 4a-b; VII:4(A93), 15c; VIII:4(A94), 8a; X:1(N95), 26c; article about, VIII:3(M94), 5b-c.

Timpas Creek: II:1(N87), 6a; II:2(F88), 8a; IV:2(F90), 9c; VI:1 (N91), 16b; VII:4(A93), 6c, 8a-b, 10c; VIII:4(A94), 8a; IX:2 (F95), 11c, 12c.

Timpas Station: II:2(F88), 11a; VIII:4(A94), 8a; X:1(N95), 26c.

Tinaja Peak: VII:1(N92), 17b.

Tindall, Cordell: V:4(A91), 4a; VI:1(N91), 1c; VII:1(N92), 22c; VIII:4(A94), 9c; X:2(F96), 23a; article by, VI:2(F92), 3c-4a; letter by, VI:3(M92), 8c.

Tingley, Clyde: IX:4(A95), 11b.

Tingley, William Hammon: V:4(A91), 19c.

Tipp, John Jacob: VI:1(N91), 10b.

Tipton Station: VI:1(N91), 12a.

Tipton, Mary: see Watrous, Mary.

Tipton, S. E.: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Tipton, W. R.: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Tipton, William B.: III:3(M89), 13a; V:4(A91), 26c; VII:1(N92), 3a.

Tipton, William: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Tiptonville, NM: II:4(A88), 5b; III:3(M89), 13a-b.

Titlow, J. R.: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Titus, I. B.: I:2(F87), 5b.

To Conquer a Peace: The War Between the United States and Mexico, by John Edward Weems: reviewed, II:3(M88), 7c.

To the Inland Empire, Coronado and Our Spanish Legacy, by Stewart L. Udall: II:2(F88), 6b; III:1(N88), 2b; III:2(F89), 3a, 4b: V:2(F91), 3c.

To the Last Man by Zane Gray: V:4(A91), 17b.

Tobacco (Cheyenne Chief): VIII:3(M94), 8a.

Tobias, Henry J.: V:2(F91), 20c.

Tobin, Alan S.: IV:1(N89), 13b.

Today Show: V:3(M91), 11a-b.

Todd, Roger S.: IV:3(M90), 21a.

Toley, Charles: VIII:1(N93), 11b-c.

Toll Gate Canyon, CO: VII:3(M93), 8b, 9a-b; X:4(A96), 4b; see also Emery Gap, CO.

Toll Road (Raton Pass): I:1(N86), 4-5; I:2(F87), 5b-c; V:1(N90), 15a, 18; V:2(F91), 14c.

Tommazini, Rev. Father: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Tompkins, George: VIII:1(N93), 14b.

Tompkins, Rose Anne: IX:3(M95), 21c.

Toole, Oliver: X:2(F96), 7a.

Topeka, KS: VIII:4(A94), 14a.

Topeka Capitol Journal (Topeka KS): II:4(A88), 6b.

Topeka Commonwealth: VIII:2(F94), 12a-b.

Topeka Convention & Visitors Bureau: II:2(F88), 5c; V:3(M91), 23b.

Topographic Maps (USGS): II:3(M88), 9a; X:4(A96), 27b-c; see also U. S. Geological Survey Topographical Sheets.

Topographical Engineers: see U. S. Topographical Engineers.

Torrence, John: IV:4(A90), 4b.

Torres, Amanda: IX:3(M95), 5a.

Torres, Helen, Ranch: III:4(A89), 2c.

Torres, Frank: VI:2(F92), 17b; VI:3(M92), 6c; VII:3(M93), 22a; article by, V:1(N90), 19a-b.

Torrey, John: V:3(M91), 5c; VIII:1(N93), 16c, 17a.

Torrez, Robert J.: III:1(N88), 3c; X:1(N95), 4b, 21a.

Tortorelli, Ethel: VIII:4(A94), 5.

Tortorelli, Frank: VIII:4(A94), 5a.

Tortorelli, Frank, Jr.: VIII:4(A94), 5b.

Tour Kansas Guide (Cottonwood Falls KS): X:3(M96), 25a.

A Tour to Northern Mexico, 1846-1847 by Frederick Wislezenus: II:2(F88), 9a.

Touring America: VII:1(N92), 11a.

Tourism and Travel News: V:2(F91), 11b.

Tours: see Santa Fe Trail Tour.

Towle, Shawna: IX:3(M95), 5a.

Towler, E. F.: IV:3(M90), 3b.

Town, Charles: VI:2(F92), 19b; IX:3(M95), 18a.

A Town Maligned: Loma Parda, New Mexico (MA Thesis by David P. Keener): VII:4(A93), 11a.

The Town of Kansas, MO: VIII:2(F94), 7; VIII:3(M94), 13a, 14a; X:3(M96), 16b; see also Kansas City, MO.

Townley, John M.: III:2(F89), 13c.

Townsend, Cyrus: IV:3(M90), 21b.

Townsend, Julie Diveley: X:4(A96), 30b.

Townsend, Mattie: III:2(F89), 10b:

Townsend, Stephen G.: X:3(M96), 28a.

Traces: VIII:3(M94), 18c; IX:4(A95), 30b.

Tracy, Charles F.: VI:1(N91), 9b.

Tracy, Ollie L., Mrs.: VIII:3(M94), 1b.

Trade Duty: VIII:2(F94), 24a; IX:1(N94), 18c; article about, VI:3 (M92), 15b-c; VI:4(A92), 3a-b.

Trade Fairs: V:2(F91), 24c; VI:2(F92), 16b.

Trading In Santa Fe: John M. Kingsbury's Correspondence with James Josiah Webb, 1853-1861 edited by Jane Lenz Elder and David J. Weber: reviewed, X:3(M96), 26.

Trading Ranches: III:3(M89), 3b-c; IV:4(A90), 13a; V:4(A91), 5a; VI:2(F92), 13c, 14c, 26b-c; VI:4(A92), 18c; VII:3(M93), 8a; VIII:2(F94), 25b; IX:4(A95), 6c, 24b.

Traffas, Vincent, Mrs. (Pat): IX:4(A95), 6b-c; X:3(M96), 4c; X:4 (A96), 8c; letter by, X:4(A96), 11a.

Trail Conference (Fort Union/Las Vegas NM): IV:2(F90), 6a; V:1 (N90), 9a; article about, IV:1(N89), 4a-b; IV:3(M90), 1a-b; V:1 (N90), 1b, 10.

Trail Days House (Council Grove KS): IX:4(A95), 9a-b.

Trail Family History Project: IX:4(A95), 20c.

Trail of Commerce and Conquest: A Brief History of the Road to Santa Fe by Jack D. Rittenhouse: I:4(A87), 1b; II:1(N87), 2b; II:3(M88), 2b; III:1(N88), 10c; V:4(A91), 24b-c; VI:1(N91), 5b; VII:3(M93), 5c; VIII:2(F94), 20b; reviewed, II:1(N87), 12a.

Trail of Tears: IX:1(N94), 9c.

Trail Ride: see Santa Fe Trail Ride.

Trail Ruts: see Santa Fe Trail Ruts.

The Trail Scout (Friends of the National Frontier Trail Center: X:1(N95), 21c; X:4(A96), 24a; see also Newsletter.

Trail Stamp Proposal: III:4(A89), 5a; IX:4(A95), 31a; X:1(N95), 25b.

Trail Statistics: article about, V:4(A91), 17b-18a.

Trail Tales: VI:2(F92), 15c; VII:3(M93), 21b.

The Trail to Santa Fe, by David Lavender: IX:3(M95), 23b; reviewed, IV:1(N89), 14b.

The Trail to Tomorrow by Anita Niles-Beattie: reviewed, X:2(F96), 9c.

Trail Troubadour–Traffic in Verse (poetry column): X:2(F96), 5; X:3(M96), 8; X:4(A96), 9a-10a; article about, X:2(F96), 1a.

The Trail West: A Bibliography-Index to Western American Trails, 1841-1869, by John M. Townley: reviewed, III:2(F89), 13c.

Trailer Life: X:3(M96), 24c.

Trails Illustrated: VIII:3(M94), 4b-c.

Trails South: The Wagon-Road Economy in the Dodge City-Panhandle Region by C. Robert Haywood: reviewed: I:1 (N86), 4a-b.

Trails West: II:2(F88), 7c.

Trambley, Peter: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Trans-Missouri Uplift: VII:3(M93), 13c.

Transylvania University: II:1(N87), 5a.

Trauer, Nancy: X:2(F96), 25c.

Travel America: X:3(M96), 24c.

Travel and Leisure: II:3(M88), 3b; III:1(N88).

Travel/Holiday Magazine: VI:3(M92), 8b.

Traveler (National Geographic): X:3(M96), 27b.

Traveler's Credential: article about, X:3(M96), 5a-b.

Treadway Cattle Company: VI:2(F92), 27a.

Treasure Trails of the Southwest by Marc Simmons: VIII:3 (M94), 15c-16a; reviewed, VIII:4(A94), 6b.

The Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia by David Hawley: IX:4 (A95), 8b, 9a; X:1(N95), 21a.

Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia Museum (Kansas City MO): IX:4(A95), 1c, 8b-c, 9a; X:1(N95), 20b.

Treaty of Fort Wise: III:2(F89), 11c; IV:3(M90), 10c; IV:4(A90), 6b-c; VII:1(N92), 8a; VIII:3(M94), 8b.

Tree in the Trail by Holling Clancy Holling: VII:2(F93), 5b.

Tremonti, Gloria: III:1(N88), 7c.

Trias, Angel: VII:2(F93), 19b.

Trigg, John Moss, Mrs.: see Moss, John Trigg, Mrs.

Trimble, William L.: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Trinchera Pass: I:3(M87), 5a; V:1(N90), 18c; VIII:4(A94), 18b-c.

Trinidad, CO: I:1(N86), 4c; I:2(F87), 3b; I:3(M87), 2b, 4b; I:4(A87), 1b, 3a, 10a; II:1(N87), 6c; II:2(F88), 10a, c, 11a-b; II:3(M88), 3a; II:4(A88), 8c; III:1(N88), 9a; III:2(F89), 5c; III:3(M89), 7; III:4(A89), 1c, 3a, 6c; IV:1(N89), 1b, 2a, 13a; V:1(N90), 14c; VII:1(N92), 7c; VII:3(M93), 8c, 9b-c, 10c, 22a; VII:4(A93), 14c; VIII:1(N93), 18b-c; VIII:4(A94), 12b; IX:1(N94), 7a, 8a; IX:2(F95), 12b; IX:3(M95), 6a, 13c, 19c; IX:4(A95), 22b; X:4(A96), 4b.

Trinidad, CO, Symposium, 1986: I:3(M87), 1c; I:4(A87), 9a-b; II:2(F88), 9c; III:1(N88), 10b; IV:1(N89), 1a, 2b-c; VI:3(M92), 18c; VI:4(A92), 1a; X:2(F96), 5a; article about, I:1(N86), 1a-b.

Trinidad, Colorado Territory, by Morris Taylor: II:2(F88), 11c.

Trinidad and Ratoon Mountain Wagon Road Company: I:1 (N86), 4-5.

The Trinidad Enterprise: II:2(F88), 10c, 12a.

Trinidad Historical Society: I:1(N86), 1a; III:3(M89), 7a; V:3 (M91), 10b-c.

Trinidad History Museum (Trinidad CO): X:2(F96), 4c.

Trinidad State Junior College: I:1(N86), 1a; I:3(M87), 2a.

Trobridge, Michelle: VIII:1(N93), 5c.

Trotman, Frank: X:1(N95), 25b.

A True Picture of Emigration by Rebecca and Edward Burlend: V:3(M91), 6a.

True West: III:4(A89), 4a; IV:3(M90), 19c; VI:1(N91), 6b, 21c.

Trujillo, Jesusito: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Trujillo, Juan: II:2(F88), 4b; II:3(M88), 3a.

Trujillo, Luciano: VIII:3(M94), 12a.

Truman, Bess: IX:1(N94), 10b-11a; IX:3(M95), 6a; IX:4(A95), 10a.

Truman, Harry S.: II:4(A88), 2c; III:3(M89), 2b; V:2(F91), 9b-c; V:3(M91), 7c; V:4(A91), 7c; VIII:4(A94), 6a; IX:2(F95), 6b; X:1(N95), 5c; article about, IX:1(N94), 10b-11a; IX:3(M95), 6; IX:4(A95), 10-11.

Truman, Margaret: IX:1(N94), 10c.

Truman Library (Independence MO): IV:3(M90), 2c; IX:1(N94), 10b; IX:3(M95), 6a.

Trust for Historic Preservation (Council Grove KS): IV:3(M90), 4b.

Trybus, Britany: IX:3(M95), 5a.

Tubac (Tawaka), (AZ): IX:4(A95), 16c, 17a.

Tucker, John M.: VII:1(N92), 17b; VIII:4(A94), 17b-c, 19.

Tuckwood, Jo Ann: letter by, I:2(F87), 3c.

Tucson, AZ: IX:4(A95), 16c, 17.

Tucumcari, NM: V:3(M91), 15c.

Tueles, ___, (Monsieur): X:3(M96), 21a.

Tules, Doña: see Barcelo, Gertrudes.

Tully, P. R.: VI:4(A92), 3b.

Turkey: I:4(A87), 10a; IX:2(F95), 12b.

Turkey Creek (KS): V:3(M91), 14b; VI:3(M92), 19b; VIII:1(N93), 12b; IX:3(M95), 11c; IX:4(A95), 23c, 24b.

Turkey Mountains (NM): VII:1(N92), 18c.

Turley, J.: III:1(N88), 14b.

Turley, Jesse B.: V:3(M91), 24c.

Turley, Lester: V:3(M91), 24c.

Turley, Simeon: V:3(M91), 24c.

Turley, Stephen: V:3(M91), 24c.

Turley's Mill: V:3(M91), 24c.

Turmel, Ken: X:1(N95), 27b.

Turnblake, O.: VI:1(N91), 14b-c.

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