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Eagle Scout Award Medal Eagle Scouts From Troop 238,
Lewis, Kansas
Eagle Scout Award Medal

Aaron Cross Lewis Kansas
"DAR Markers Improved Lettering"

Darick Barnes Lewis Kansas
"DAR Markers Improved Lettering"

Matt Waldren Lewis Kansas
"Director of the Marker Sites"

Scott Divis Lewis Kansas
"Duncan's Crossing Historical Marker"

Josh Woolard Lewis Kansas
"Installation Of Nine Markers"

Eagle Scouts From Troop 239,
Kinsley, Kansas;

Travis Wenstrom Kinsley Kansas
"Computerized Map of the Five Routes"

Bart Wenstrom Kinsley Kansas
"Santa Fe Trail Rut Cleared of Debris"

"Eagle Scouts
Darick Barnes & Aaron Cross"
April 22, 1992
"DAR Markers Improved Lettering"

    Markers placed along the Santa Fe Trial by the Daughters of the American Revolution are looking quite a lot better through Pawnee, Edwards and Ford counties in Kansas.

     Fourteen of the DAR Markers have been "etched" with a special white substance to make the letters readable. Darick Barnes, a 14 year old freshman at Lewis High School, recently completed this leadership project as a part of his Eagle Scout Service Project.

     The project, involving eight adults and Barnes' brother, was under the leadership of Scoutmaster Ron Lindberg with David Clapsaddle Serving as project advisor. Both Clapsaddle and Lindberg are members of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail and it was through this organization the project originated.

     Barnes is a member of Troop 228 in Lewis, Kansas and has been in Scouting for five years. Barnes is the son of Butch and Kathy Long of Lewis, Kansas and Tom and Connie Barnes of Dodge City, Kansas.

"Eagle Scout Travis Wenstrom"
August 18, 1994
Computerized Map of the Five Routes

    Eagle Scout Travis Wenstrom, 17, Kinsley, Kansas, Troop 239, Kinsley, Kansas in cooperation with the Kansas State University faculty, has produced a computerized map of the five routes of the Santa Fe Trails in Pawnee, Edwards, and Ford Counties, Kansas. The map will be on display at the Edwards County Historical Museum in Kinsley.

     The project took the young Scout two years to finish at a cost of $500.00, which he received as donations from local sponsors.

     The youth was advised throughout the project by Dr. David Clapsaddle and the Edwards County Historical Society, Represented by Sally Heit.

     Travis, is the son of Richard and Jane Wenstrom, of Kinsley, Kansas.

     Wenstrom enjoys sports. He participates in basketball, baseball, football, and track at Kinsley High School.

     He belongs to Troop 239 of Kinsley, Kansas.

     The Kinsley troop and Lewis troop 238 have been nominated by the Santa Fe Trail to receive merit recognition from the National Santa Trail.

     The award was brought to Kinsley last year and we'd like to keep it local," said Clapsaddle.

     Wenstrom thanked sponsors and those who helped, and Larry Huber who donated 125 hours to the project.

"Eagle Scout Bart Wenstrom"
November 1994
Santa Fe Trail Rut Cleared of Debris

    A giant rut on the Dry route of the Santa Fe Trail northwest of the town of Kinsley, Kansas, which served as a trash dump for several generations, has been cleaned up. The rut, 200 yards long and shoulder deep, was cleared and planted with buffalo grass. The cleanup was taken on by Bart Wenstrom, from Kinsley Boy Scout Troop 239, who persuaded local contractors and fellow scouts to aid in the removal of the trash.

     Bart undertook the project to fulfill requirements for the Eagle Service Award, capstone of Eagle Scout requirements, which is designed to demonstrate the scout's ability in leadership and organization. The rut is on private property owned by Jerome Herrmann, who served as an advisor to the project, along with David Clapsaddle. Both are members of the Wet/Dry Routes chapter of the National Santa Fe Trail.

     Somehow this deep swale was missed during the 1988 National Park Service survey. The location is in the southeast quarter of Section 7, T24S, R19W.

     This Eagle Scout project is one of Seven related to the preservation and interpretation of the Santa Fe Trail which have been completed by Edwards County Scouts during the past three years.

"Eagle Scout Matt Waldren"
January 15, 1995
Directory of Sites

    Completing an Eagle Service Award project was Matt Waldren, Troop 238, Lewis, Kansas. Matt's project was the compilation of a directory of sites marked by the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter in Pawnee, Edwards and Ford Counties, Kansas.

     In addition to the name and address of the property owners on whose land each marker is placed, the legal description of each site is noted. The directory will be placed at the Santa Fe Trail Center, the Fort Larned National Historic Site, and the Kansas State Historical Society for future references. Assisting with the project were Larry Mix and Linda Cross. David Clapsaddle served as project advisor.

"Eagle Scout Scott Divis"
March 20, 1994
Duncan's Crossing Historical Marker

    On March 20, 1994, a handsome roadside sign was erected on K156 west of Burdett, Kansas directing the public to Duncan's Crossing, a well known site on the Historic Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road. The installation of the sign was the culmination of an Eagle Service Award project under taken by Scott Divis, Trope 238, Lewis, Kansas. Scott is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Divis of Lewis; his scout master is Ron Lindberg. Serving as advisor for the project was David Clapsaddle.

     Scott's sign was damaged by someone who shot it with a shotgun, and a couple of members of The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter repaired it. The sign was so badly damaged that the sheet metal on the sign had to be replaced, then repainted. A "Thank You" goes to Jack and Rusti Gardner for the work they did to repair the sign just as it was when Scott did it the first time.

"Eagle Scout Josh Woolard"
December, 4-5, 1993
Installation of Nine Markers

    Meeting requirements for the Eagle Service Award, Scout Josh Woolard, Troop 238 of Lewis, Kansas, completed a project of installing nine markers on the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road on December 4-5, 1993. Organizing this called for a considerable amount of labor and equipment, Josh was assisted by his older brother Eagle Scout Jason Woolard and two Eagle candidates Scott Divis and Matt Waldren, David Clapsaddle, Program Director for the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter served a project advisor. Ron Lindberg is the Troop 238 Scout Master. Josh is the son of Dan Woolard of Kinsley, Kansas and Cathy Woolard of Lewis, Kansas.

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