The Dedication Of The
"Wet/Dry Routes Santa Fe Trail Markers"
May 29, 1992
"Sibley's Ridge"
Pawnee County, Kansas

  1. "Santa Fe Trail Picture Main Link Page"
    From this link you will find the main link page for our photo collection. At the top of the main links page, are several pages of photos we've taken on our many trips up & down the Santa Fe Trail. There are aerial photos of the Cimarron Cutoff in southwest Kansas, Indian Village in Ness County, Kansas, photo presentation of Westport Landing, Walnut Creek Crossing Portrait Presentation of Personalities, Fort Union, New Mexico and several pages of assorted Santa Fe Trail photos.
    Click on the thumbnails, to get a larger view, some history is included on most pages, just click and enjoy.

  2. "Yarn's, Tales, & Tidbits About The Santa Fe Trail"
    This is a collection of short articles about the Santa Fe Trail, it's hard to say what you might find on this page!!

  3. "Zimmerman Internet Service Presented Award"
    At the January 3, 1999 meeting of The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter, the owner and operator of Zimmerman Internet Services was presented an award in consideration of the excellent service that they have provided to Larry & Carolyn Mix for their Santa Fe Trail internet site.

  4. "Santa Fe Trail Book List"
    On this page you can find a list of books that are of intrest to the Santa Fe Trail Buffs. If you have a book that is not listed and want to get it on the list just e-mail me the information and I will put it on the page. All books about any part of the Santa Fe Trail are more then welcome. Give us your favorite book on the Santa Fe Trail.

  5. "Traveling Exhibits"
    This page will tell you about the displays that the Wet/Dry Routes have made and put on display all over the central part of the State of Kansas. The displays have even traveled to several of the Santa Fe Trail Symposium and Seminars that have been put on around the country.

    Not Anymore This Page Will Answer That Question For You!

  7. "It Comes Home"
    This is quite a story about a lost and then found item, but there are still lots of unanswered questions on this one.

  8. "Our Eagles"
    The Wet/Dry Routes of the Santa Fe Trail has been very fortunate to have the help of these fine future leaders!
    "A Great Big Thank You Goes Out To All Of Them"

  9. "The End of the Santa Fe Trail for Some"
    Intresting Stories about the lives of Several Wet/Dry Routes Members.

  10. "Sibley's Camp"
    Three Members of the Wet/Dry Routes bought a historic piece of property and are in the process of returning it as near as they can to the way it was in the early days. Thus saving another piece of history for future generations to enjoy.

  11. "Lime Kiln Restoration Project"
    Burdett, Kansas is just a little off of the Santa Fe Trail but this "Lime Kiln" played a role in the history of the Santa Fe Trail and still is to this day. Find out how this is happening?

  12. "Making A Marker"
    Besides a lot of sweat and aching backs this is how we make the markers that are marking the Santa Fe Trail. We hope that this will become a standrad for the trail, as these limestone posts are such a part of the history of Kansas.

  13. "The First Building In Larned, Kansas"
    Larned's first building is presently being replicated at a location two blocks north of the site used by Booth in 1872.

  14. "An Incident in the Early Life of the Late Christena Brown By H. P. Tripp"
    This story was written about the Indian Scare that took place in Osborne County in 1878 and the little girl who caused it, Cristena Trexler Brown (Wet/Dry Routes Member - Great-Great Grandmother). It is taken from the Wet/Dry Routes Newsletter "TRACES" Vol 5 No. 3 Summer 1998. and placed here so that it could be better found and enjoyed. It was also published in the Osborn County Farmer.

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